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kiwiana clocks

UNIQUE must be one of the most over used words in the English language, however we think that this range of **KIWIANA** clocks really are genuinely just that, UNIQUE - as in they are exceptional, unmatched........ they are without an equivalent......and they also tell great * time...very quietly. What's more they are all designed and made in New Zealand, from some imported components. A Magnetico CLOCK-IN-A-BOX is very much a home-grown thing & we will go as far as to say that they do not occur like this anywhere else in the known world!
All images are beautifully crisp, matte laminated & machine wrapped around a 15cm metal face, and are fitted with a *silent - sweep* *NO TICK* movement - so no annoying background ticking noises to drive you mad. All the clocks come in a tough little slot-sided corrugated cardboard box & once stuck down your clock ready for 'racing' and can be safely mailed without additional packaging.

happy customers

Tx Gillian. After my 8th purchase of these, hope this is the last but that's what I said last time. People see mine and want me to get them one too.
G ~ NZ
I absolutely adore this artwork and look forward to buying a lot more from flying fish store, love the easy set up with buying online. Thank you.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your brilliant service – phone contact, website and just everything was so friendly, easy to navigate and just superb. You are a pleasure to deal with – and yes, I’ve told all my friends! Thanks again, and I’ll see you soon.
A million thank you’s Patricia for your friendly helpful approach to sort such an amazing buy! You even went beyond to arrange an overnight ‘fragile’ delivery to ensure items arrived timely – in which they did. Packaging was just beautiful and I’m most happy! Thank you again and I will be back for more additions to our purchase. Will encourage many.

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