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Mighty Wallets

Dynomighty is a small, Brooklyn-based company dedicated to putting personal expression in every pocket. The MIGHTY WALLET Dynomighty began when struggling NYC artist Terrence Kelleman had a heavily invested exhibition of his art where the only thing that sold was the prototypes for the first product he designed. Seeing an opportunity to gain the financial freedom to pursue his art Terrence launched Dynomighty with an initial investment of $300. Today, 10 years later, Dynomighty products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide and in 1800 stores across the US. Dynomighty are the Original! The Mighty Wallet was designed by Terrence Kelleman in 2005, and has spawned an entire new genre of wallets made with DuPont™ Tyvek® fabric around the world. The Mighty Wallet was the first ever wallet made with DuPont™ Tyvek®, folded entirely out of a single sheet.
Might wallet - Half Dollar, DuPont Tyvek wallet by Dynomighty.
mighty wallet - half dollar View Product
Mighty wallet - 50's pin up. Tyvek wallet from Dynomighty.
mighty wallet - 50's pin up View Product
Airmail wallet by Dynomighty
mighty wallet - airmail View Product
Dynomighty wallet - Batgirl
mighty wallet - batgirl View Product
Mighty wallet - Batman. Tyvek wallet from Dynomighty.
Mighty Wallet - Batman View Product
Dynomighty wallet - Batman in action
mighty wallet - batman in action View Product
Dynomighty wallet - Blue Police box
mighty wallet - blue police box View Product
Dynomighty wallet - Bombshells
mighty wallet - bombshells View Product
Dynomighty - mighty wallet cup and saucer
mighty wallet - cup and saucer View Product
Mighty wallet - diamond plate. Tyvek wallet from Dynomighty.
Mighty Wallet - diamond plate View Product
Mighty wallet- explorer. Tyvek wallet from Dynomighty.
mighty wallet - explorer View Product
Mighty Wallet - hiroshige. Tyvek wallet from Dynomighty.
Mighty wallet - hiroshige View Product