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2C Solar Light Cap

Have you had enough of buying batteries and later throwing them away? The 2C Solar Light cap Light integrates advanced power management using green technology for those who only want the best: - a unique flexible solar panel, - ultra bright warm white LEDs, - long life batteries made from Nickel Metal Hydride, - no Cadmium giving minimal environmental impact and no memory effect with many high quality plastics with minimal environmental impact - microprocessor controlled highly advanced electronics control algorithms that maximize the light power-to-weight ratio. 2C™ Solar Light Cap is a light with a difference. By day, it is a stylish cap that protects you from the sun, and uses that sun to charge the solar batteries . By night, it is a fashionable headlight, providing you with ultra bright LED light via an inconspicuous, environmentally friendly solar-powered light.
2C baseball cap - pitch black View Product
2c light cap racer deep sea.
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